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Hello and welcome
to the international weather forecasting websites
of the Kachelmann Group.

We wanted to create a website where exclusive content is unmatched worldwide - global Euro/ECMWF forecasts, global lightning analysis, global satellite images, exclusive model outputs like our own home made SwissHD model with a resolution of whopping 1x1km.

Despite all the exclusive content, we don't have everything yet what's out there. Let us know, what you are missing and we can try to get the data you are missing - maybe with your help. It won't be always easy since many countries still try to keep their weather data as a state secret or only sell those for ludicrous amounts of money - although the weather data has been paid for by the taxpayers.

The more successful we are with your help, the more we can give you on our website. So if you like us and your meteologix.com, please spread the word. It will help us to translate our service to the language(s) in your country. Please excuse us if it’s only English and German in the beginning. Let us know what you think, like and miss – email us to .



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